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Dr. Nauman Hanif Taj.MD

Board-certified adult psychiatrist, practicing Psychiatry since graduating from medical school in 2005
I am originally from Pakistan and come from a family of physicians and surgeons. Following the footsteps of my family members and keeping the tradition of practicing medicine alive, I am now the fourth-generation physician in my family and the third generation practicing medicine in the USA.

After practicing in my home country for a couple of years as a psychiatrist, I decided to move to the USA to pursue postgraduate education. I graduated from the psychiatry residency program at St. Elizabeth’s medical center, Tufts school of medicine in Boston MA. After graduating from the residency program, I worked as a psychiatrist in different settings including both inpatient and outpatient with vast experience in suboxone therapy, consultation liaison and ECT. 

My Expertise

Major Depressive Disorder, recurrent/treatment resistant

Anxiety/neurotic disorders/ADHD in both pediatric age groups( ages 16 and 17) and adults.

Bipolar Disorder with and without Psychosis

Postpartum Psychosis

Substance Use Disorders/Addiction

Borderline Personality Disorder

Treatment resistant Psychosis

Psychiatric Conditions during Pregnancy


Also serving LGBTQ community

Philosophy and treatment approach:

My approach towards patient care is simple and straightforward keeping it easy for patients without any ambivalence or confusion.

Details of my approach:

1) Listen to the patient, keeping quiet as much as possible during the process.

2) Patients’ concerns are genuine and need to be addressed while trying to avoid the temptation of filtering those concerns through my own personal perspective that could lead to bias.

3) Keeping the relationship genuine with clear expectations for both me and my patients while avoiding any misunderstandings or miscommunications.

4) Provide a very safe environment for my patients where they are encouraged to express any disagreements with me without any fear or anxiety.

5) Be able to accept any of my mistakes or errors that can occur unwillingly so that patients can have proper closure with 100 % information and also help my patients understand that at the end we are all humans.

6) Be cognizant of my own thoughts and feelings all the time during the treatment so that they don’t affect my approach towards the patient’s care.

7) Try not to give any false hopes or make promises that I can’t keep.

8) Be truthful right from the beginning about my limitations and what I can and can’t do.

9) Try to keep the use of psychotropic medications minimum, according to the current guidelines and evidence-based medicine approach.

10)Try to achieve full remission depending upon the clinical picture and guidelines so that patients can have an expected end date of treatment after which hopefully they will be healthy with no symptoms and possibly no medications on board.

11) Last but not the least encourage patients every time to have a healthy lifestyle, exercise and eat healthy, limiting screen time and avoid smoking, 

And always keep reminding myself and everyone that there is always going to be a tomorrow and there is nothing that any of us can do no matter how big or extraordinary ever in life that would change the alignment of stars, cosmos, planets. 

Sun would still rise from the east and would set in the west as it has for millions of years so in the bigger scheme of things we matter only when our actions benefit our fellow human beings.


Dr. Taj is treating our son currently and he is doing an excellent job. His approach and personal touch and explanations are beyond anything we have seen in 20 plus years. Our son appears to have among other things a bipolar disorder and Dr. Taj treatment is showing superb results. Thank you Dee and Joe Valenti

joe john valenti

very insightful help from Nauman.

Justin Frank